Sal is 216 km2 island and population of 50 000 people. The island is one of the tourist favourites and attracts tourist by its all year long sunshine, golden sand beaches and ocean that is chosen by the surfers all around the world.  The island has an international airport which has more than 50 direct flights every week from 25 destinations. The islands capital Espargos with around 17 000 people is the place where you can emerge in Portuguese - African culture, native crafts, restaurants, shops, and bars.

The harbour city of Palmeira is situated just a few kilometres to the west of Espargos. This is where a majority of the imports and exports take place on the waterways of the islands. Otherwise, Palmeira is a town with bars and restaurants whose architectural appearances still have distinctly Portuguese characteristics, especially in the north. Divers should know that there are fantastic underwater caves and reefs, such as Olho Azul, to explore about 5 kilometres to the north of Palmeira. 

Above all, the town of Pedra Lume (“fiery stone”) is known for its salt sea (saline), a deep volcano crater that lies beneath sea level. Salt mining now exists only to a limited extent with just a few fishermen still living in the small, deserted town. Also, it’s now possible to enjoy a curative salt bath in the saline at some of the salt seas for an admission fee. Showers are available.