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Our Experiences in Cape Verde (Part 2)

Cape Verde, Boa Vista. Our next day starts at Sal international airport, where we are off to Boa Vista. The flight takes 20 minutes, and we take local airlines, which have small but very comfortable and modern aeroplanes. As we land in the Boa Vista we go straight to one of the oldest resorts in Boa Vista to leave our bags and have a quick lunch with a stunning view to the beach. Afterwards, we are ready to see the future Melia development, which will be ready in 2020.

Melia White Sands Resort and Spa. On the way to the resort, we see around sand and mountains mainly. As we get closer to the resort, roads are developing to deliver better and faster way from airport to the resort, which is approximately 20 minutes. When we arrive at the resort we see few local construction workers; only a few due to reason that Melia and tourism group TUI has requested additional facilities and more exciting activities to do for potential tourists and the developers must reorganise the plan and refigure where to put different facilities. Nevertheless, the works will continue in the following months. White Sands as we arrive we realise that it has vast potential and the reasons being:

1. Location. (Almost for every property it has a view to the gorgeous beach, with golden sand and crystal-clear water)

2. Structure of the resort. (As it is big resort it is divided into two parts: one being family zone and other being adult-only zone – targeting and satisfying needs of both audiences)

3. Relocation of the facilities. (As the plans are in process to make more facilities and the same time the location of the properties and facilities are formed in a way that gives you space between other tourists and not pushing all the people in one place but giving more privacy)

The Naturally produced desert. After we had visited the White Sands, the next stop is the desert in Boa Vista that is made naturally during the 600-year period. In this period the sands from the Sahara Desert had travelled to Boa Vista only by wind and had established a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. Place where you can value the simple things, such natures beauty and interestingly how soft and pleasing the send is due to the reason that is entirely pure without rocks or other pieces. It is one of the fantastic activities you can do on Boa Vista, besides surfing, watching sea turtles on the beach and going hiking to the mountains.

Santiago, Praia. The next day we travel from Boa Vista to Santiago, which is the biggest island of Cape Verde and where the capital of the country is located. The flight took 20 minutes and felt incredibly fast. Compared to other island’s Santiago was full of vegetation there were threes, bushes and plants all around as well it was surrounded by mountains. As we drove into the capital city, we saw a lot more developed city that the places visited before. Developed infrastructure, parks, shopping streets. After a quick look of the city we have lunch, and we are off to see remaining of the Portuguese fortress. The Fortress is in Cidade Velha, which is on top of the mountain. Having an incredible view of the hills of Praia.

Going back to Sal. After our quick look of an island, we had back to the airport to fly to Sal. The flight back to Sal lasts 40 minutes. This is the end of our tour, and we hope that you got little more insight of Cape Verde. As it is hard to describe our emotions into words, we offer clients to travel to Cape Verde themselves, by reserving one of the properties that will give you the real insight of the country and will help with your decision to invest in the country and provide you that fantastic holidays and high returns.

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