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Our experience in Cape Verde (Part 1)

Cape Verde, Sal. The first evening of arrival started in the international airport of Sal where we met our tour group - real estate agents and property promoters from different countries, such as Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia, and the USA. Impressions of the airport are positive because airport being modern and fast moving with visa/passport control. Afterwards, we arrive in Melia Llana Resort and Spa with our tour guide and developer Charlie. In the rooms, there was prepared dinner, and everything in the place was clean and to the highest standard.

Next day trip around the Santa Maria and Resorts. Next morning started with meal in one of the hotel restaurants where is buffet type breakfast with plenty of choices what to eat. After breakfast, we go to explore the capital town of Sal – Santa Maria. As you drive out of the resort, you can see all round sand and desert, because in the island it only rains 12 -13 times per year. Also, the best transport to the town is by taxi which costs around 4 euros one way from Melia Resorts to Santa Maria.

Santa Maria. As we arrive in the town, we can see that it is continuously developing as local workers are developing roads and buildings in the centre. Our cities tour goal is to visit the fish market where you can see locals selling fresh fish that is just caught from one of the many boats that are floating at the Santa Monica Beach. (also, an excellent place for beginner surfers as the waves are not so big). As we move away from Santa Monica Beach, we meet local people, which are friendly and fully express the countries motto “No stress”, because of the way everything and everybody moving around in a slower pace and just enjoying every moment that they can, not worrying about anything.

Melia Resorts: Tortuga, Dunas, Llana. After we visited the city, we go back and have a tour around all resorts, starting with the oldest resort “Tortuga” (established in 2011). As we go through the many pools, restaurants and shops, our attention is caught by how much vegetation has grown here. It is significantly more than we saw in Llana. As our tour guide explained is because all the plants are being imported and in Tortuga, they have grown so much because it has been open for the longest period. Also, in Tortuga, the placement of villas are excellently implemented in the infrastructure of the resort. Because all the villas are located near the beach which give the owners of the villa had an amazing view to the beach.

Dunas. The competitive advantage of Dunas resort is that it is divided in two zones family and adult-only zone, satisfying the needs of both customers – ones that want more private holidays and ones that wish holidays were parents and kids can be happy due to the big choice of attractions and waterslides. Furthermore, an interesting fact about Dunas is that it reaches 1,1 km in length and having more than 1000 rooms, placing it as the biggest resort on the African continent. In Dunas, there is plenty of shops, restaurants, Spa activities and bars.

Llana. The only resort that is meant for adults, that want to have more private holiday experience. The resort that is the quietest and gives more luxuries feeling of all other resorts. The resorts offer various facilities shops, restaurants, bars, spa and plenty of swimming pools. Llana is the only resort also that offers to have an apartment with garden and small piece of a one large swimming pool.

In all resorts there is tours outside the hotel, also they offer diving, surfing, driving with quadricycles, and plenty other activities that you can explore while being in the resort. TUI and local operators provide the activities.

End of the first part of our story. The next story will be about our experience in other islands and developing a project with massive potential in Boa Vista. Keep on reading and learn about

one of the most exciting and emerging places in the world right now.

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