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Hot Properties Of The Week In Cape Verde

Hello everyone!

We are here giving you a great opportunity to buy two amazing properties in Cape Verde with a discount.

First property on the offering is Premium Orchid with Ocean View at Melia Llana Beach Resort & SPA. This is a great offer for couples as Melia Llana Resort is made for adults only and is the most luxurious out of all resorts offered. Great place for a quiet and relaxing time for yourselves with an additional opportunity to gain income while you are away.

The second property we offer is located in Melia Tortuga Beach Resort and is a bigger two-bedroom apartment. This specific opportunity we would recommend to small families as this is a great holiday property, especially when Tortuga, has been built around the idea that you come on vacation as a family. Imagine, having a gate away house for your family in sunny Cape Verde that gives you profit quarterly.

These are the possible buying options that we offer and more information you can receive from our partners e-mailing them or calling to +44190275395.

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Be safe and have a lovely weekend.

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