Maio, the easternmost island of the Sotavento, is located to the south of Boa Vista. You can expect to find sleepy towns with colourful little houses, some decorated with flowers, wandering goats and, above all, much tranquillity. People sit in front of their houses, dreaming away, and time seems to stand still here.

The vegetation is very sparse, but Maio has more than just deserts. There are salt marshes in the north of the island. Hilly landscapes, as well as limestone valleys, acacia forests and coconut palms, characterise the island’s appearance. As a result of afforestation measures, Maio now even has the largest continuous woodland area of Cape Verde. This has once again made it possible for the locals to produce charcoal near Morrinho without endangering the tree population.

If you are a bird-watcher, you will get your money’s worth on this island: bar-tailed larks, coursers, cream-coloured coursers and even ospreys can be observed. You can see sea swallows and waders in the saline pools near Vila do Maio.

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