Fogo means fire. Moreover, this name reveals the true nature of the island in the Sotavento with its approximately 40,000 inhabitants: a volcano. Rising to 2,829 metres, the volcanic mountain of Pico de Fogo dominates the island’s landscape as the highest elevation of Cape Verde. You can enjoy a beautiful view of Pico from the old craters located to the west that surround the mountain in a semicircle and form the Caldeira (gigantic crater) with a diameter of 9 kilometres. With its diameter of 500 metres, the main crater of the volcano achieves a depth of 180 metres. Even today, it still spews sulphur vapour through hot fumaroles in an impressive spectacle of nature. Due to the high mountains on Fogo and the corresponding formation of clouds, the island tends to be damp. As a result, many different types of useful plants thrive on the terraced fields. On 1 May, the inhabitants celebrate the discovery of Fogo with the Festas do São Filipe and its horse races.


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