Boa Vista

The easternmost and third-largest island of Cape Verde does justice to its name – Boa Vista: beautiful view. While mass tourism has already reached the smaller neighbouring island of Sal, life on Boa Vista is a bit more authentic.  Similar to Sal the Boa Vista also has golden sand beaches and perfect conditions for water sports athletes. However, the Boa Vista has more mountains and fewer people on the island.  More than the half of the population (12 000) of Boa Vista live in the capital which is Sal Rei. In the Sal Rei, you can see The Praça de Santa Isabel with its many colourful flowers and pavilions; you can admire goods sold by the African traders. Colourful batiks and carved wood figures, as well as fruit and vegetables, are sold here. 


The oldest settlement of Boa Vista, which was built about 500 years ago, is located in the southwest: Povoação Velha. The little plaza Praceta de Santo António with its flowers and benches to rest on is at the heart of the town. The playful little Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição church, which was built in 1828, is on the outskirts of town. Its interior is decorated with a colourfully painted chancel that has numerous little images of saints.


The island with fewer citizens and tourists than Sal offers you a great place to discover Cape Verdean culture and relax from your daily routine.